Feb 262012

In this episode: A couple of site updates, our first listener feedback, an overview of installing R on each major platform, and an overview of R IDEs and helpful resources for getting started with R. If you would like to provide feedback, please send an email or audio comment to theRcast@gmail.com or leave us a voicemail at +1-269-849-9780.

The following resources are mentioned in this episode:

Episode 2 Time Stamps

00:00 The R-Podcast #002 Getting Ready to Use R
00:31 Introduction
01:09 Site Updates
03:40 Listener Feedback
07:02 Downloading and Installing R
17:34 R IDEs
26:00 Additional Resources at r-podcast.org/r-resources
27:40 Wrapping up: subscribe to the podcast, theRcast@gmail.com, + 1-269-849-9780
31:34 End

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